Customer Reviews

“Thanks so much for your prompt, efficient & excellent service again!!"

“Dear Don, You guys are great! Your service, reliability, accountability, competency & honesty are unsurpassed! It’s so very pleasant doing business with you!"

"I want to thank you for all your hard work over the years. Your cooperation and your organized paperwork sure made my job easier"

"Thanks for the excellent service!"

"Thanks again for the prompt service."

"Once again service and work performed was exceptional…"

"I just wanted to send a quick note thanking J.C. Waterworks for the great service today. Our only toilet was giving us a major headache, and I called J.C. Waterworks to fix it. From the moment the phone was answered (which, compared to many plumbing services in the area, is unique) I received great service. Dave came out as promised, on schedule, and solved my problem quickly. He was very informative, friendly and efficient.

Again, thanks for the great service! I will be quick to recommend you to others."

Words from Jerry

The following "poems" were sent to us by a regular customer that enjoyed slipping a little something in with his cheques.
He is the owner of an apartment complex with multiple tenants..

Another job done to perfection
No water leaks to my detection
So keep working hard and stay on top
Because I've already discarded my dirty mop


Once again, the service was great
Not a minute too early, or a second too late
The water runs freely, the tenants are clean
So when I go to the building, they are never too mean


The tenant is happy, she is overjoyed
No need to frown or be annoyed
The water runs freely without any dirt
So accept my thanks and no one was hurt


Water flows - soft or hard
Keep an eye - be on guard
If a problem should arise
Call J.C. Waterworks - no surprise
Everything is working fine
Water keeps moving through the line


The tenant is happy, the taps work every week
The water runs freely and the sink doesn't leak
So once again it goes without saying
You did a good job, without even praying


Water tastes great, according to the boss
You heard her reply, words not a loss
Now let's hope in future, she still will agree
What we do to please her, will get brownie points for me.